Ukraine, Znamenka
+38 (05233) 2-20-60

Welcome on the "Good People" official web-site!


LLC Agroproduct and “For The Good People” trade mark welcomes you on our web-site!

Here you can find information about our product, read interesting facts about us, find contact information of the manufacturer and see where you can buy our confectionary.

We constantly renew the assortment of sunflower halva and cookies, and we will announce all the production news on our website in time.

We are grateful that you are with us. Because you are the ones we work for, and we aspire to being better for. We endeavor to efficiency for you.

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Confections "For the good people" produced by LLC Agroprodukt

Limited Liability Company "Agroprodukt" is a factory producing confectionary such as halva, oatmeal cookies and biscuits under the trade mark For The Good People. The factory is located in Znamenka, which is in Kirovograd Region.
Local citizens all know about the Agroprodukt factory and For The Good People confectionary just because when the cookies are being baked, a pleasant vanilla flavor spreads all over the streets, whetting the appetite and recalling in everyone’s mind the favorite taste of the childhood.
We use modern technologies combined with traditional recipes and best raw materials in order to manufacture the same known from the childhood taste of halva, cookies, biscuits and other confectionary. For The Good People we produce tasty and wholesome products.