Ukraine, Znamenka
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About Us

Staying loyal to traditional recipes, we keep giving you tasty product.

LLC AGROPRODUCT is a confectionery producing factory with a long history and therefore production experience. Under the trade mark "FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE" (from Ukrainian: Dobrym Lyudyam) we produce high quality pastry, such as:

Using only well selected raw materials, we aim to provide you with the natural, organic and health-giving product without artificial colors or preservatives.

We believe that tasty product has to be organic; therefore we don't try to lower the price by using cheap ingredients. Sweets and biscuits make people happier, so why shouldn't they make people healthier as well!


The history of our factory

The history of our factory dates back to 1945, when by the decision of the executive committee it was organized as The food combine of Znamenka region.

On December 5th, 1977 the factory was reorganized into independent producer “Znamenka food factory”. The main goals of the enterprise were to handle the agricultural material – grain-handling, production of pastry and nonalcoholic drinks. In the Soviet Union the factory was of the main producers of goods maid of agricultural raw material.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, hard times forced many enterprises out of the market, however Znamenka food factory was one of a few that survived.

In 2005 the factory went through bankruptcy. But in the same year it was privatized by LLC AGROPRODUCT that gave the factory new life. With the help of new growth strategies and new priorities the factory restarted production of halva and sunflower oil. All of the products are made with regards to State Standard and traditional recipes.

Soon the factory renewed biscuits production, it also started to make gozinaki, marmalade, roasted sunflower seeds and peanuts, and other.

LLC AGROPRODUCT constantly renovate manufacture, renews old recipes and develops new ones.

Nowadays factory produces sweet pastry and confectionary under the trade mark name “Dobrym lyudyam”, which is translated as “For the good people”. And this name was chosen because we value our consumers most of all. For our good people we make high-quality and very tasty product.

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