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Dedicated to St. Nikolas Day


In the dark night of December 18 to 19, St. Nicholas comes down to the Christian kids from Heaven. From up there he can see how children behave throughout the year. He has a golden sleigh with white horses, he comes in invisible to the house through the door, and he always leaves gifts under the pillow, except for those that do not fit. Often white angels come with him, but devils are swirling nearby. Devils strive to steal the gifts and attempt to convince the Holy that children behave badly, and do not deserve the heavenly goodies. But Nicholas knows everything, and angels help him. On this Day all boys and girls receive gifts and sweets.

In Ukraine, the day of St. Nicholas has always been an important and fun holiday. St. Nicholas is very revered and loved. In Kiev there are three churches of St. Nicholas - and each is accompanied by an old legend.

On this day in Ukraine people used to brew beer and meet snowy winter. Special Nikolas’ cookies were baked for children; people sang songs and rode sleighs. After the Saint Nicholas day people begin to prepare for Christmas: learn Christmas carols.

LLC "Agroproduct" and the "Good people" trademark congratulate you on the Day of St. Nicholas, let there be peace, kindness and love in your families.