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"For the Good People”


Dedicated to the 8 of March project
"For the Good People” from charming women of “Formula Smaku" started in Kirovohrad.

 From now on, in the shops of “Formula Smaku” beautiful women-sellers dressed in branded aprons, will offer you “Good People” halva and cookies at a special price.

 Competitive prices and exceptional freshness of products is the result of three years cooperation between the confectionery factory “Good People” and the network of shops “Formula Smaku”. Managers of both enterprises carefully monitor to ensure that the shops sell only the freshest “Good People” confectionery and a widest range of it. Thanks to regular inspections of shops, you will meet honest and friendly sellers. Together we make sure that your visit to the “Formula Smaku” shop will leave you only good mood and the lovely taste of “Good People” sweets.